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Your satisfaction and confidence in our product is important to us. That’s why our product comes with a full replacement and 180 day limited warranty. Please review our easy to read, simple warranty terms and conditions below. For any additional questions please email customer support at customersupport@ArtisanAdhesive.com and we’ll get back to you promptly, or call us at 1-800-339-0238 M-F 8am to 5pm (P.S.T.)

Warranty Coverage:
All Artisan Adhesives are backed by a full replacement warranty. Artisan warrants that if your adhesive(s) and/or its parts have any defects in manufacturing, we will replace the product for the remaining term of its labeled expiration date at no additional charge to the buyer (shipping and handling included).

Warranty Redemption:
No registration is required to activate your warranty; however, a copy of your original invoice along with a list of damaged items, photographs and explanation of performance issues, in writing, must be provided for each and every occurrence within 24 hours of receiving shipment and faxed to 1-877-465-7007 or emailed to customersupport@ArtisanAdhesive.com. Please note Artisan Adhesive reserves the right to request and review samples of damaged surfaces along with defective adhesive products to determine the actual cause of damage.

Warranty Exclusions:
This warranty is void in all instances where the adhesive is used in ways inconsistent with its labeling, improper fabrication, original packaging has been altered, damage has been caused by non-genuine Artisan accessories, improper storage (excessive heat or cold), accidental damage, and/or improper maintenance/usage by the buyer. In addition, buyer error in color choice(s) during and after purchase will NOT be replaced, credited, or refunded; nor will color choices found to be dissatisfactory to the purchaser upon delivery.

In-transit Damage:
Artisan also warrants the product(s) and/or its parts damaged during transit and follow the same warranty guidelines (replacement) as stated above with no additional charge to the buyer. Artisan must be notified by the buyer of any damages within 24 hours of the item(s) receipt.

Inspect all items at the time of delivery before signing off with the driver.

The following information will be required to file a claim for damages incurred during transit.
  • A copy of your original invoice.
  • Picture(s) of the damaged product in its original packaging and condition when delivered.

Fulfillment Issues:
  • We allow up to 10 business days after receiving your order to submit any fulfillment issues.
  • For any fulfillment issues submitted past 10 business days, we will review on a case by case basis.