Welcome to Lion Surfaces, Inc.

Lion Surfaces Inc, is a private, vertically integrated company which markets and distributes specialized goods and services to the professional market places. Our products and services include specialized construction materials to pharmaceutical services. We are strategically aligned with multiple partners with distribution and sales networks throughout North America. Additionally, we have streamlined the route to market, eliminating redundant, non-value-added costs to enhance the value of our products and services.

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World Abrasive products are made from the highest grade raw materials with state of the art equipment and technology. All our products go through rigorous quality control procedures to ensure a high quality product with optimal performance. A couple unique factors that give World Abrasive an advantage over other products is the implementation of Flex Shield and CRT(Clog Resistant Technology). Flex Shield applies elastic properties to products to enhance durability, while our CRT enables product longevity through reduced build up and consistent performance.

Artisan Adhesive is a specially formulated 10:1 ratio decorative surface adhesive that performs as a Solid Surface Adhesive, Quartz Surface Adhesive and Granite Surface Adhesive. Artisan Adhesives are UV stable, non-yellowing, fast curing and available in a vast array of colors and shades. It offers excellent adhesion to all types of solid surface products, including densified cast polyester, acrylic, and formulations that include both acrylic and polyester blends along with Quartz Surfaces and some Natural Stones. Artisan Adhesive has a working time of 8–12 minutes where the seamed pieces can be handled in as little as 15 minutes after application (Please read our tech spec for more details). Fabrication of bonded pieces can be sanded, routed, and finished accordingly. Artisan Adhesive™ has excellent performance in UV stability, impact resistance, wear resistance, scuffing, staining, and water penetration, including boiling water. Please refer to the Technical Spec sheets for more information. Artisan Adhesives™ are made with the highest grade raw materials with the state of the art equipment and technology currently available. All our products go through rigorous quality controls to ensure the professionalism you deserve.

An eclectic collection of design styles from old American classics to refined European tastes, to modern and contemporary flare, Cygnet stainless steel sink product portfolio is rich with options to choose from. Handcrafted to draw out the finest elements of detail, each artisan piece is thoughtfully finished to stand up to the everyday demands of your kitchen.

Our unique Coni coating adds that extra layer of protection that makes all the difference in preserving that immaculate Satin and Matte polish while making clean up a breeze. Expect to have your stainless steel sink stand the test of time and perform like no other. Sound dampening technology to reduce noise and vibration and ultra high grade materials ensure that your sink can do more than just look amazing.